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Does anyone know if there’s a thriving (or even existent) roleplay community for Kamigami no Asobi on tumblr?  Because this show/game is the most addicting thing ever, and if there was a friendly rp community on tumblr for it, I would be the happiest person ever.

Hello, Salad Stand people!  Does anyone know where I could find someone to beta a short fic based on Nebris for me?  The first chapter — which is the only one I need help with at the moment — is only 2kish words, so it won’t take too long to review.  I would ask in the skypechat, but I’m a bit embarrassed to do so there (in case the fic sucks, ect, as silly as that is!).  Are any of the Salad people on tumblr able to edit it for character believability and spelling issues, or do you know where I could find someone to beta it for me?  (If you’re on the server, I could pay you in iron or horses!)

I’m confident with my plot and ideas, but I would really appreciate a quick beta before I post it.  c:

oh hi tumblr followers who are wondering if I died after stopping all updates on my blogs a while ago.  um, explanation coming soon to my main blog.

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Gregory Maguire, Wicked

The Mark of Mastery Exam and Xehanort’s Letter

Earlier this week I had a very fun discussion with another roleplayer about the nature of Terra and Aqua’s Mark of Mastery exam.  During this discussion I mentioned that Master Eraqus originally intended to promote Terra and Aqua without holding the Mark of Mastery ceremony, and he only changed his mind because Master Xehanort convinced him to do so. As I am extremely obsessed with the character of Master Eraqus, I decided to make an overly-long post showing where Birth By Sleep reveals this information and detailing the history shared between Eraqus and Xehanort.

Beneath the cut I have included the English version’s translation of the “Xehanort’s Letter”.  This artifact is one of the many Xehanort’s Reports featured in the game, and it is found when Ventus leaves the Land of Departure.  A loosely translated version of the Japanese version can be seen here (accuracy of the translation not verified), but the version below is the canonical version for the English Birth By Sleep.  The quoted version is taken from this website, as I don’t have my PSP with me at the moment.

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Brad Watson, The Heaven of Mercury
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